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imageAmazon grossed $89 billion in sales over just 3 months at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, while small business owners wondered how they were going to pay next months rent.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe there is a place for Amazon, I think we need to be more aware of where we spend our money. More aware of what is happening in the world today and how your purchase can make a difference going to a local business rather than a multi-million dollar corporation.

"Nearly 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing their doors" - let that sink in.

We found an amazing online opportunity for small businesses called "Not Amazon" which currently serves Calgary, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver Canada.  The founder highlights businesses owned and operated by women, BIPOC and LGBTQA+ people. However, Not Amazon goes even further, as illustrated in their mission statement:

“Providing the most we can, while taking as little as possible, in order to build a new kind of community.” 

When Bryght was launched we had several companies contact us about getting our products listed on Amazon. I never had the desire to do this, making a quick buck and taking profit away from small business salons that carry the brand was not the way I was going to conduct business.

Amazon is like a drug, it promises you a quick sale in a short period of time while making you addicted and dependent on their marketplace. Sales and revenue might be great at the beginning when you list with amazon but if they can get a better price, competing product, or in some cases, counterfeit products, your lucky streak can take a turn for the worst because Amazon doesn’t care about you.

Let's be honest; did Amazon ever talk you through a rough day? Do they sponsor your kids baseball leagues? Does Amazon go over and above in anyway that a small business would?

Let's all just take a breath and start thinking about how we can support our local small businesses instead of hitting that "add to cart" button so quickly.

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