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New to Bryght? Here's what you NEED to know

What is Bryght?

We are a woman founded skincare brand with products ranging from intimate skin bryghtening, to oncology safe skincare. All of our products are lab tested, cruelty free, non GMO, all natural, and did we say WOMEN OWNED?! That's a mouthful- rest assured there's no nasties here. Finally, "clean" skincare that is RESULTS oriented! 
But, since we're both friends with Kirsten, you can just call us your new hyperpigmentation BFFs. 😉

How does it work?

Most Estys often have the most Q's about our World Famous Skin Bryghtening products (AKA Anal Bleach- yep, we went there.) So here's the low down: we use a combination of chemical exfoliants (lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids) and tyrosinase inhibitors to stop excess melanin production in its tracks. And don't worry- there's no true "skin bleaching" ingredients here, so we're safe for all Fitzpatrick levels. We DO NOT remove pigment, only Bryghten hyperpigmentation. Because at Bryght, we believe all shades are beautiful.

Why should I care?

If you want to get the biggest, sometimes tearful, hugs from your clients; Bryght is the answer to the problem you didn't know you could solve. Hyperpigmentation can be stubborn, so whether you're using Bryght on your clients under arms for an upcoming prom or wedding, their inner thighs from chaffing, or even their booty because they about to shake what their Mama gave 'em (we don't judge)- Bryght is effective from head to toe, and down below. 🍑


What makes us different?

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New Year, New Add Ons

We know how much Kirsten loves simple Add Ons to increase revenue and client satisfaction, which is why we'd like to introduce you to our Step 1 and 4 Add on bundle


Step 1 - Cleanse 4oz/118.29ml (approx 240 uses)
Will gently remove any traces of dirt, creams, lotions, or oils that are found on the skin, while naturally numbing and preparing the skin for hair removal, only takes 30 seconds to work! Contains spearmint to refresh, cool, and soothe the skin.

Tip: Upsell this product as an add-on prior to any hair removal service as it will act as a natural numbing agent to take the sting out. Using before hair removal services can result in a $1200+ of extra revenue depending on the area treated. ($2,400 if you charge $10 an add-on and get 240 uses per bottle)

Step 4 - Set 4oz/118.29ml (approx 240 uses)
This concentrated finishing lotion will lock in and set Steps 1-3 while also soothing, hydrating, protecting, and cooling the skin. By keeping the skin temperature down, melanin production decreases, and the professional skin brightening has a longer lasting result
Tip: upsell this product as a soothing, calming, hydrating add on after hair removal to reduce redness and irritation rapidly. Using after hair removal services can result in a $2400+ of extra revenue depending on the area treated.($2400 if you charge $10 an add-on and get 240 uses per bottle)

This makes your cost for pre and post care to $0.39 ! 

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