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Strength & Courage Gift Set
John Cobb (Toronto, CA)
Support from the ‘sidelines’…

I purchased the box set as a wellness gift for a friend experiencing breast cancer. You can tell that a lot of thought (and love) has gone into the creation of this gift… It is the perfect way to show my support from the ‘sidelines’. Thank you, Bryght!

Strength Repair Balm
Edith (Las Vegas, US)
Daddy Approved

This stuff is amazing!!! It is one of the best products I have found for psoriasis! It can be used everywhere, even in the most sensitive of places. Recently my husband developed psoriasis in “you know where,” and we have been using it to help. It has done wonders and it is almost completely removed!! I highly recommend!!!

Strength & Courage Gift Set
Julie Moser (Dallas, US)
Perfect Hydration

Perfect hydration. Non scented. Adds the perfect hydration needed on dry skin. The box it comes in is filled with love and encouragement.

1:1 Certified Training + Manual
Jessie Trujillo (Brighton, US)
1:1 Training

I’ve chosen to give a 5 star review because although I had an interesting start - they have taken care of me and made my experience better. A little back story, I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge with Bryght because my sales are low with the service/retail. I received an email to schedule and so I did, I showed up for my appt and my trainer wasn’t present, never showed and I was really stressed thinking “what did i do” I reached out to customer service just to assure I didn’t lose my funds/training opportunity and to prove that I truly showed up. The original trainer responded back days later apologizing (miscommunication and life happens). I was obviously disappointed because I took time from work, but Robyn from customer service reached out shortly after and connected me with Heather and Bryght offered me a training video of my choice to make up for the miscommunication on the trainers end. Heather was amazing start to finish and has been so supportive on social media! I love that I made a new connection/friend.

The training video was good, but the 1:1 training and was it worth $330? The training was mainly videos that can be purchased + training manual. So roughly $140ish in videos/training manual vs $330 for a trainer to share those same videos and recap + answer questions I had. I loved hanging with Heather and she did amazing (as a solo owner on a budget) I would have preferred to just pay for the videos, manual and saved some $$ - if I knew what the private training consisted of I wouldn’t have purchased. Heather was generous enough to offer me her personal protocol which is technically ($40? video maybe more this is included in that $140 in videos/manual I’ve listed above) so appreciative that she did that because she didn’t have to. Heather answered all of my questions with grace and is very knowledgeable!

All in all, I learned new things and I feel more confident talking/selling the service and product. I did choose to not bring a model in.

Bryght Duo Kit
A.R. Roscoe Hunter
Love this product

I’ve been using this for 6-7 months. I LOVE this product, has cleared all my dark spots and evened my skin tone. I also no longer get any acne when on my period. Definitely worth it.

Best for hyperpigmentation

Used for about one month, its fading hyperpigmentation that I have had for years. It works but slowly

Multiple Uses: this is magic

I suffer from allergies year round and the skin always gets raw from blowing my nose. This is why I ordered this but I recently got a burn from an iron and it is helping heal that as well!! Use 3x a day

Love my Courage

I struggle in between dry and oily skin, so it's always been so hard to find a good moisturizer that doesnt make my face feel greasy and doesn't make me break out. With Courage Facial Comfort Cream, I got the best of everything. I've been using it with great success. Perfect for both morning and night. I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!

Duo Kit Bundle (x2)
devikaben desai (Morrisville, US)

nice but I need protocol not please provide more info please

Bryght Virtual Training Video
Karineh Begijani (Burbank, US)
Great video!

Katrina explains the treatment very well. Covers everything. Well done. I am looking forward to making the Bryght purchase soon.

4 Step Professional Bryghtening
Anonymous (La Puente, US)
Steps 1-4

Amazing kit and products, My clients and I are loving that it is vegan and gentle on almost all skin types. I have not had a client react poorly to the product (even the most sensitive). I did however receive the product in the white containers, which leaked, even when placed right side up. (this is something i know the company corrected with new containers)

Bryght Duo Kit
TG (Modesto, US)

I had melasma for more than 20 years. I can see the big difference and almost fading. I am very happy with the results. Customer service is great!

Duo Kit + Treat Gel Bundle
C. Smith (Tacoma, US)
Great texture

I have naturally tan sensitive skin. I've used this product for 30 days, twice daily on intimate parts. I don't see a difference, but I didn't take any before pictures. I like the texture and the smell is pleasant. I have no real negatives about the product. It took over 2 weeks to receive the it. A little stinging at first, but that doesn't last.

Bryght Duo Kit
c.w. (Halifax, CA)
Great so far

Ive only been using it for a couple weeks but i can see a difference in pigmentation and it feels smoother than it did before. Going to continue to use it and see how it goes

Duo Kit Bundle (x2)
Teresita Gainey (Minneapolis, US)
Bryght results

I have melasma which is getting better after more than 15 years. When I started to use this in conjunction with another procedure, I noticed there is definitely lightening up of my melasma, almost disappearing from my face!


This is the best system I ever invested.I’m just so happy to add on to my services. The results in just one treatment is unbelievable. My clients are very happy.
The Best product to your Spa♥️

1:1 Certified Training + Manual
Heather B. (Garden Grove, US)

I am so glad that I made this decision! Being able to have the Certificate on display for my clients to see was extremely important to me. I had my training with Chloe and she was incredible! I was able to have ample time with her to discuss everything that I needed in regards to both product knowledge, as well as, all of the business questions that I had as well. Absolutely worth it!

Must have

Its a must have in my daily routine non irritating on my sensitive skin/ intimate areas

The Total Package kit
Daniella Morales (Hazleton, US)
Look No Further

This is a great system. This is truly everything you need to get started offering this service to clients.

Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Daria Chiarello (Chicago, US)
Courage & Confidence

I've always had skin issues from combination skin, to acne to eczema. I started using Courage and am noticing the texture on my face is smoother and the residual scaring is beginning to even out. The cream is light weight but packs a big hydration punch! I use it daily under make up and it has a velvety finish helping to keep my skin bryght, healthy and glowing without the shine! Game changer for sure!

Strength Repair Balm
Jessica (Edmonton, CA)
Amazing Results

I started using strength for myself and my children’s faces, because we have sensitive skin and I liked the all natural components. I love that it is fragrance free, a little goes a long way, it has a cooling, tingling sensation, and my kids have not complained of it stinging, like they experienced with other lotions.

My dad then showed me this very itchy, eczema rash type breakout he was having behind his knees. I immediately gave him some of my Strength repair balm to use. His results were amazing, and he was so relieved that this took the itch out.

I have also used it on a psoriasis outbreak I have behind my ear, and I noticed in 1 day it wasn’t sore, itchy or red, and I didn’t have to use my prescribed cream I usually need to.

I honestly put this repair balm on everything, because it is so amazing. It nourishes your skin, helps strengthen your skins natural barrier, and works to calm the most irritated of skins. I’m so happy I’ve found this.

Bryght Duo Kit
Armida Reyes (London, GB)
Great Product

My bryght product came open when I received still kept it and it did noticeably bright up my private areas I was just a bit upset that it was open when I received the package.

Bryght Down Under Tshirt Black
Allie Umtuch (Vancouver, US)
Great fit!

Very comfortable and true to size! Love wearing it when I have clients or when running errands. You can’t go wrong with any of the Bryght brand shirts, they are definitely a conversation starter!

Bryght Duo Kit
T. (Halifax, CA)

Product does what it says with very great results !
Ordered another :)

Bryght Treat Gel
Lauren Roberts (Stoney Creek, CA)
I recommend!

This product works great! I am so happy with the results! On the days I did not use the product I still noticed results! It looked like those dark areas I have were still lightening up!

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