Bryght Is So Much More Than Anal Bleach

If you’ve been to a spa show in the last few years, you’ve probably heard whispers (or chants) about Anal Bleaching by Bryght. Well, we’re so much more than just Anal Bleach!

In 2020, Bryght’s founder and CEO, Luba Sasowski, was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. As soon as her oncologist said, “Your skin is going to burn, peel, blister, and hyperpigment—make sure you use petroleum jelly,” we knew that we needed to create products that were specific for cancer thrivers: safe, easy to use, all-natural, vegan, and scent-free. Luba immediately thought, “Bryght already specializes in hyperpigmentation for the most sensitive areas!”


Voila, Bryght’s Cancer Compassionate line was born. The Cancer Compassionate line is made up of three main products: Strength Repair Balm, Courage Facial Comfort Cream, and the Strength and Courage Gift Set.

Strength Repair Balm and Courage Facial Comfort Cream are soothing, fragrance-free, 100% natural hydration products safe enough for even the most compromised skin, still with all the brightening power you know and love from Bryght. The Gift Set combines the two products, one for the body and one for the face, and is packaged in a thoughtful gift box with intention every step of the way.

The box itself is soft-touch because while Luba was undergoing treatment, she suffered from neuropathy, or nerve damage, in her hands and was unable to grasp items that were too slick. On the outside and inside of the gift set are encouraging messages of affirmations, from one Cancer Thriver to another. One thing we all learned through becoming more acquainted with the cancer community is that many cancer thrivers do not love the idea of receiving flowers as a gift—the smell can nauseate, the mess as they wilt can become an unneeded chore, but most of all, the withering of the flowers can be a depressing sight for some.

As Luba likes to say, “For when you don’t know what to say, but you want to be there, give them the Gift of Strength and Courage. It says it all.” And what better gift to give someone than some extra Strength and Courage.

Last year when we were in New York, we shot the 2023 Cancer Compassionate marketing campaign (image below). Every year, we conduct a Model Search for our Cancer Compassionate line. Instead of paying for stock photos, we are committed to using REAL life Cancer Thrivers as our models and compensate THEM. We want to highlight a different Cancer Thriver every year on our blog and marketing to raise awareness for cancer of all kinds. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, please visit



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