Our Earth Month Initiative

In the last year, Bryght has removed 5,207 lbs of carbon emissions…. That’s like:

  • 301,117 Smart Phones Charged
  • 267 Gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 6,044 Miles driven by car


But it’s not enough. 

The beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally, with Americans alone discarding more than 30 million tons of plastic a year. Packaging accounts for 70% of the industry’s waste.

Within those numbers, there are plenty of damaged and dinged packaging that can be salvaged for eco-conscious customers motivated to help make a change. We are doubling down on our sustainability mission by putting our packaging misfits to use rather than simply throwing them away.

There’s an inevitable percentage of our products that have some sort of factory fault. Mistakes happen. Big scuffs, little scuffs, accidental glove or cloth marks from the assembly, chipped jars, flaking paint, crumbled boxes, lids that are too tight, etc. The normal practice in this industry is for this stock to be destroyed, which is crazy because it’s still a great product inside! 

We thought it was a shame to throw these products away, let’s see if someone wants them. Maybe people wouldn’t mind, it’s just sitting in their shower. It’s the same amazing product, it’s just going to be in less-pretty packaging.

You get to save money, we get to reuse something and we both get to feel good about not throwing something away that didn’t need to be thrown away. It’s a win-win-win-win.

The average consumer doesn’t care about the packaging, it is what’s inside that matters to them. So, if the bottle or box is dented or scratched, but it’s the same product they love inside, why not sell it at a discounted rate? Why not take one less item out of the landfills?

We see sustainability as an act of compassion. We keep sustainability in mind with everything we do, including ingredients, packaging, and how we show up in the world as a brand.

That’s why we’re having a “Quality Control” Sale to kick off Earth Month.

Embrace the mistakes, reduce the waste.



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