No resolutions

I asked my friend Jen Rozenbaum if I could post her recent instagram post to my bryght ass blog as I connected with it so much after breast cancer.  People often think that when you beat cancer that you are done...well that's a crock of shit.  Cancer PTSD stays with you long after you kick cancers ass.  I struggle with the same thoughts as my fellow warrior sister Jen, my body has changed, my body doesn't want to "let go" of the weight or the water retention, it's still in survival mode and holding on for dear life in fear of anther poisonous chemo needle around the corner. 

Thank you Jen for the gentle reminder to love ourselves and be easy on ourselves.  I know your post will help so many more women out there feeling the same way. 



This post isn’t what you think. I took this selfie this morning, but this isn’t a “yay, I went to the gym and I am awesome” post. It’s quite the opposite. This is the worst shape I’ve even been in. The heaviest I have ever been. The oldest I’ve ever been.he woman you see in this photo has been through hell in 2021.

I struggle. I struggle with my new body, with my size and shape. I struggle with looking at old photos of myself. Wishing I was as “fat” as I used to think I was. What you are also looking at is a woman who is so eternally grateful to have the opportunity to go to the gym and to move my body. In fact, after 2021, I am grateful I am still standing.

I am not going to the gym to get back to who I was. I am going to create a new me.

No resolutions.
No scale obsessions.
No buying into all the targeting ads all over social media perpetuating diet culture.

Just a woman with a mission to show herself self love and a tremendous amount of patience and understanding.

Happy new year my friends.


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