We get a lot of questions, from men specifically, asking if they can use our Duo Kit for skin lightening purposes. The answer is simple; YES! All of the Bryght products can be used on every skin type, skin tone and for all sexes and genders.

The next question or belief is that only gay men use our products. We can tell you that information is false. Now, we do have a gay clientele however we also have straight men that use and love our products.

While we would like to believe that everyone already knows what skin lightening is, we receive so many questions that we know this topic needs to be addressed. We'd love to help! Hit us up on socials and we would be happy to explain anything you might want to know... there’s no shy factor at bryght!

so what is skin lightening?:

Skin lightening often called anal bleaching is a popular method to lighten the skin between both cheeks, (yes we are referring to your ass crack) to better match the color of surrounding skin making it appear more uniform. Read more about this topic here. Areas of skin that have a darker tone than one's overall appearance are common and completely normal. They are a result of hyper-pigmentation caused by friction, sweat, hormones, aging and genetics.

what areas are for men specifically?

The duo kit can be used on all areas of the body with the exception of anywhere internally. Men often use this product on their penis, scrotum, and perineum as well as other areas such as underarms, knees, elbows, inner thighs, face, ankles, hands, neck, skin folds, love handles, natal cleft, shoulders and so much more.

For more information about penis, scrotum and perineum lightening check our our blog and podcast episode