The fear of intimacy with your partner

Do you find yourself avoiding intimacy with your partner? Do you avoid eye contact and keep a distance from him or her? You're not alone! Sex is such an intimate thing, and many people fear it. It's human nature to be scared of something we can't control. When we feel like we have no idea what will happen next in the bedroom, that's when anxiety sets in and it becomes hard to enjoy ourselves. That is why I created this blog: for all of us who are struggling with our relationships due to lack of sex or negative feelings about sex. No matter how old you are, there is always hope for improvement - which starts by recognizing the issue at hand! 

The fear of getting intimate with your partner. It's a very real thing. It's something that many women have to deal with, and it can be so scary. Fortunately, there are ways you can overcome this obstacle, there are things you can do to get over the fear of intimacy, so read on because we're going to talk about these steps today!

Trust is a very important part of any relationship. It's trust that makes you feel safe and secure in the relationship. Without trust, relationships can get ugly quick. There are ways to improve trust in your relationship, but it starts with you. Trusting your partner is something they're going to have to earn through their actions and words, not just by telling them how much you trust them or asking for trust right away.

Trust can be broken. No trust is forever trust . Trust must be earned and built upon to maintain a healthy relationship, so you need to communicate with your partner if trust ever becomes an issue in the relationship. If there's trust issues involved either party needs to talk about it calmly and come up with solutions together as partners who are dedicated to intimacy.

One way to improve trust in relationships is by communicating. Communicating with your partner about how you feel, whether it's trust or anything else that's important to the relationship can help build trust and prevent fights down the road. Communication also includes being able to be honest - even if what you have to say isn't good news for them- it's the commitment to being honest that will help you grow as a couple.

Another way you can improve trust in relationships is by setting boundaries. Setting expectations that are clear and talked about up-front is the first step to improving intimacy in relationships so you're on the same page. It's important not just for trust but for any relationship; friendship, or intimate. If you have different expectations of what your partner does or doesn't want it can cause conflict down the line when one party feels caught off guard.

In trust relationships, honesty is key. It can be very difficult to trust someone when you have been deceived in a previous relationship, have past traumatic sexual experiences, or have experienced medical challenges in the past. Trusting yourself is the most important thing so you know when something is off or not right with the other person's behavior. If communication has broken down, talk about what happened and how to fix mistakes without blaming each other. A lot of times people blame their partner for all that goes wrong without taking any accountability. 

Sex is normal. Pleasure for yourself and your partner should be a goal in the bedroom, not an embarrassing secret to hide or regret. If you’re struggling with fear of intimacy because of past trauma, cancer treatment side effects, or other reasons, we want to help! Join our email list for monthly updates on how to overcome these hurdles.

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Here's to sex becoming something beautiful instead of something scary! 

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