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Face Off - Washcloth Replacement Towels
Rachel Villanueva (Las Vegas, US)
A Must Buy!

These disposable face cloths are better than I could have hoped for. They leave my face feeling so clean, and have become a must have in my skincare routine. I love that they are extremely durable, never tear, and the perfect balance of delicate on my face while still allowing for some gentle exfoliation. At the end you can wipe down your sink and counter, then toss them away knowing it’s fully biodegradable!

Bringing on Bryght
M.L.L. (Lakeside, US)
Best business investment of 2024!

"Bringing on Bryght," will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration! Robyn guided me through all the ways I can add bryght services to my menu and increase my revenue by A LOT. She does all the leg work when it comes to your service pricing and is just full of insider tips 😎.
One thing I really struggle with is retail and I definitely felt way more confident after our session. I feel supported in every way! Thanks Robyn, Luba, and the rest of the Bryght Babes!

This sunscreen is better than I could have wished for. It feels so hydrating and is great as the last step in my skincare routine. I also love that it’s easy to re-apply if needed and I can do it right over makeup. The best part it doesn’t sting at all if you accidentally or intentionally rub your eyes with it on. Definitely get the 2 pack, and keep one in your cosmetics bag for when you get ready in the morning and keep the other in your purse for touch ups when needed. 
I’ve already shared it with several friends and everyone says the same thing, Bloc is better than we could have wished for! Absolutely phenomenal product.

Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Sasha (North Vancouver, CA)
Amazing Product

I have used a lot of face cream over the years, and this one has hydrated my skin in only 3 days more than most. I can no longer see any flake (even with a 10X mirror!). A little goes a long way with this one, so it will last a lot longer than I thought. Shipping was also very fast! Will definitely use again!

This sunscreen is nothing like I have used. It is clear and can go on over makeup. It is conveniently packaged to fit in your purse for those days you don’t plan to have sun exposure or need to reapply. I wish I had discovered this product sooner!

Absolutely amazing face cream especially for dry skin in the winter. Highly recommend !

Embroidered Apron (One Size)
Melanie Matthews (Albuquerque, US)
They are ok!

The material is good the only problem is the apron rides up to right under my chin when I’m working. The tie belt is the same belt that goes around the back of your neck and is not sewed to the apron itself. I’m sure I can sew it myself no biggie just be aware.

Hype Lyght Bundle
Elizabeth S (Burbank, US)

It didn’t work. Had high hopes 😕.

Bryght Bootcamp Training Event
Kali Berg (Mandan, US)
Amazing Bootcamp

Barbie, Becca, and Luba put together an absolutely amazing bootcamp. I took the online training certification course and also attended the Bootcamp. I learned so much, and got lots of hands on experience (which can't be beat)! I would absolutely attend another Bootcamp and plan on sending my first employee to one as well!

Bloc Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
Ashley Lanna Lanna (Edmonton, CA)
10/10 Obsessed!

Incredible! As an avid user of Sunblock for anti-aging purposes, I’ve tried them all! Finally I found THIS product that doesn’t leave a white cast on my olive complexion and I re-layer every 30 mins as I’m outdoors a lot. It’s hydrating and does not feel heavy OR burn my constantly watery eyes from allergies! And Waterproof! Phenomenal product!

Got this for my mother in law and she’s obsessed with the hype Lyght

Treat Gel Bundle (x2)
Jenn Ribar (Spruce Grove, CA)
Awesome product

Excellent product that really delivers results

Lover it! My clients and I love the results!

Strength Repair Balm
J.T. (Las Vegas, US)

This cream is literally a miracle worker living in the desert and has done nothing but wonders for my dry skin. Definitely would recommend this above all other brands.

It didn’t work at all 💔 I followed the instructions and patiently waited nth changes I bought 4 bundles, 🥲

Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Dan (Las Vegas, US)

From someone who has trouble finding the balance between keeping my face from getting dry and red to not having my skin get oily with problem issues, this is the perfect product. I can see a big change in how healthy my skin looks after a short period of time. It's nice to see such excellent results so fast in a market with so many competitors that promise results you don't actually get. It not only looks better quickly, but you can feel how much healthier your skin is.

Strength Repair Balm
Dan (Las Vegas, US)
Amazing help!

Super fast results when using it to help with dry or damaged skin, which is great, especially in desert climate. I was shocked at how fast you could see significant difference! It's the best thing I've used by far.

Bloc Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
Celia R.Juarez (San Antonio, US)

Working for I use very little on my face every morning before makeup my skin is looking better dark spots are getting lighter

Bloc Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
Valerie Lopez (Glendale, US)

So easy to just throw in your bag or even your pocket! It’s totally pocket sized and can be used for awhile! Worth the money and it doesn’t leave a white cast 🖤🖤🖤 GET IT!

Eat Sleep Bleach Assholes Repeat
Valerie Lopez (Glendale, US)

All my clients love it and it helps me get asked about my services!! It’s def a convo starter for sure! If you’re debating whether or not to get it! JUST DO IT!🖤

Very happy. Fast shipping

Prep Cleanser



Prep Cleanser
Van Smith (Portland, US)

Product arrived quickly, in great condition, and works better than I remember it.

Strength & Courage Gift Set
S.S.E.S. (Miami, US)
A Box of Love

I offer this to all my clients who are in the fight for their lives against this monster we call Cancer. I offer it after treatment at a significant discount. It’s a gift of comfort and love in a box.

Thank you so much for your sweet review! We love the photo too. Cancer is definitley a monster. XOXO