Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Courage Facial Comfort Cream
Courage Facial Comfort Cream

Courage Facial Comfort Cream

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Feeling good starts from the inside out—inside your body, and outwards. We worked with badass cancer thrivers from around the world to source natural skincare products to help you feel comfortable inside and out.

Courage gives you exactly what you need to take care of yourself physically and emotionally today – so you can kick cancer's ass tomorrow.⁠ ⁠

Made with high-quality ingredients specially selected to soothe, protect and prevent skin damage when it matters most. Courage was developed in collaboration with expert cancer surgeons & oncologists so that it meets the needs of women undergoing breast cancer treatment- or anyone going through cancer treatment. ⁠

Because it takes COURAGE to get through chemotherapy


Courage (for face) (50mL/1.7oz)

  • treat acne breakouts as a result of Chemotherapy⁠

  • treat hyperpigmentation as a result of scarring, from surgery or cystic acne from Chemo⁠therapy

  • soothe pain from possible nerve damage as a result of Chemo⁠therapy

Made with You in Mind

We know that neuropathy can be a side effect of Cancer treatment, so we made all packaging easy-to-open with a soft touch so you can put the self back into self-care- without needing your caregivers' help to open jars and tubes.⁠ ⁠

Can Be Used For

Courage is not just for #cancerthrivers ... it can also be used on the skin for:⁠

  • sunburn⁠
  • diaper rash⁠
  • sore, chapped nipples from breastfeeding 
  • eczema⁠
  • lupus⁠
  • cystic acne⁠
  • psoriasis ⁠
  • rashes ⁠
  • dry skin⁠
  • scars
  • cracked/flakey skin
  • used while running as a chaffing protectant ⁠


  • Clean Ingredients; no silicones, parabens, colorants, hydroquinone, mercury, kojic acid, animal testing
  • Fragrance-Free
  • No Steroids

Aqua (Deionized Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera Gel) Juice, Cetyl Alcohol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Zemea(Corn) Propanediol, Glycerin, Dodecane, Stearic Acid, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Allantoin, Colloidal Oatmeal, Saccharide Isomerate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil,l-Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, a-Bisabalol, a-Arbutin, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Chamomilla Recutita(Chamomile) Extract, Lilium Candidum (White Lily) Flower Extract, Menthyl Lactate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra
(Licorice) Extract, Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi (Bearberry) Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Multiple Uses: this is magic

I suffer from allergies year round and the skin always gets raw from blowing my nose. This is why I ordered this but I recently got a burn from an iron and it is helping heal that as well!! Use 3x a day

D.G. (Miami, US)
Love my Courage

I struggle in between dry and oily skin, so it's always been so hard to find a good moisturizer that doesnt make my face feel greasy and doesn't make me break out. With Courage Facial Comfort Cream, I got the best of everything. I've been using it with great success. Perfect for both morning and night. I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!

Daria Chiarello (Chicago, US)
Courage & Confidence

I've always had skin issues from combination skin, to acne to eczema. I started using Courage and am noticing the texture on my face is smoother and the residual scaring is beginning to even out. The cream is light weight but packs a big hydration punch! I use it daily under make up and it has a velvety finish helping to keep my skin bryght, healthy and glowing without the shine! Game changer for sure!

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