hyperpigmentation is the process that causes skin to darken, usually it is not harmful however it can be a symptom of medical conditions.
there are several types of hyperpigmentation including:
• melasma
• lentigines (sun/age spots)
• post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• ephelides (freckles)
• smokers melanosis
• facultative (uneven skin tone that changes during life)
triggers and activators of hyperpigmentation include:
• uv radiation (sun exposure)
• genetics
• trauma / heat

the professional & retail products contain natural “bleaching” & brightening ingredients to either achieve (usually) 1-3 shades lighter in 1 professional treatment or reduce gradually with consistent use over a longer period with retail products. best results come from professional & retail products combined. 

yes, all of the above mentioned types of pigmentation can be treated and the brightening effect will  work the same way with all types of pigmentation. 

bryght is a plant based natural skin brightening skin systemthat is safe to be used on the skin on any external area of the body.it is designed to brighten hyper-pigmented skin and is gentle enough be used on intimate areas. all outside areas of the body can be treated including, face, underarms, outside labia, bikini  lines, anal area, knees. the reason it is suitable for intimate areas is because bryght won’t disrupt the ph or microbiome. 

yes, bryght is made for all skin colors and does not create heat or trauma within the skin. 

face, underarms, knees, elbows, inner thighs, derriere/bum cheeks and intimate areas like the anal region, labia, penis and scrotum. the penis and scrotum are safe to be treated at home with the retail products but are not to be treated in the salon/spa environment with the 4 step professional system

anal bleaching is the process of brightening the skin in the anal region. bryght is commonly used in the anal region and on other intimate areas like the labia, nipples and underarms. our products are gentle enough to be used on any hyper pigmented skin on the external body. 

yes, and it’s more common than people think. the main causes for hyperpigmentation include sun exposure, hormonal influences including pregnancy, age, skin injury and inflammation. any area on the body that has redness from sunburn, chaffing or irritation can eventually turn brown.

most hyperpigmentation that has occurred over time can be treated with bryght. melasma, chloasma, age spots, sunburns, stretch marks, scars and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation are just some of the types of hyper-pigmentation that can be influenced by bryghtening. if you weren’t born with it then it may respond to brightening. 

the all-natural formula will safely lyghten the skin to a more even skin tone. you will not see any hypo-pigmentation, where the skin becomes lighter than the baseline skin colour.

for best results have your client get the 4 step professional bryghtening treatment 1-2 times a week at your spa or salon, until desired color is achieved, then maintain at home by using the retail products twice a day.

sell your client a treatment pack based on their needs. similar to how you would sell facials. ideally a series pack of 3-5 treatments to begin with. to expedite results you can sell them  the retail products to use at home. the products are safe enough to use every day, twice a day if they are trying to achieve results quickly for a special occasion or vacation. most clients achieve their natural skin tone back after 3-5 professional treatments and should be able to maintain with the retail products at home

no, it is recommended to be performed on its own without mixing with other modalities such as  peels, laser, microdermabrasion, microhydrabrasion.

depending on the downtime of the peel and type of peel, wait at least 1 to 2 weeks. 

With laser treatments, we recommend waiting at least 7 days pre and post-treatment. This instruction usually comes from the laser companies, to avoid any skincare in the area for 7 days.

$50-$250 for 1x professional treatment, depending on your market and location. sky’s the limit!

it is best to recommend treatment packs of 3, 5 or 10 depending on the level of pigment you are working with.  it would be great to bundle with the retail kit so that they are also achieving gradual results at home  in between treatments.  

this will be based on which end of the spectrum you are on with the pricing of your other services. are you on the high end like a resort spa, medium like a day spa, or more affordable and accessible like renting a room? bryght services should match with what you are currently charging. a few things to keep in mind are: who else in your area is providing these services and what are they charging? if no one is, you can charge a higher price as there is no competition. remember, you can always run a promotion or package on your services. it’s easier to lower your prices than it will be to try and increase them, so start higher and maintain the trust you have from your clients. we have seen bryght babes charge $50-$250usd for intimate brightening. this is your journey and your homework to do, but we hope this helps! 

it is highly advised to remove the hair follicle prior to treatment, which will allow for deeper product absorption to instantly see better results. if the area does not have hair, you can apply bryght directly to the skin.

usually 1-3 shades lyghter after the first professional treatment. results may vary.

all bryght products are all-natural and do not contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid or mercury. hydroquinone is associated with many unpleasant side effects and it is our opinion that it is not appropriate for use on intimate areas.

a natural, unique combination of indian gooseberry, licorice, lemon, mulberry and bearberry leaf extracts to luminate and reveal your natural skin tone. these all natural ingredients penetrate deeper down into the layers of the skin where the melanin is produced to inhibit tyrosinase enzyme
production which is the enzyme responsible for skin discoloration. new skin cells coming to the surface will have less melanin resulting in continued lyghtening.

the main active lyghtening ingredients in step no. 3 – bryghten (the treat gel is the at home version of step 3 professional product) are:

phenylethyl resorcinol: a whitening agent that has been found to have the ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity

lactic acid: aha to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots and improve uneven skin tone.

sodium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin c): a stable, water-soluble form of vitamin c that functions as an antioxidant and is potentially effective for bryghtening an uneven skin tone.

cucumis sativus (cucumber) extract: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and skin-conditioning properties, reduces excess oil.

emblica phyllanthus (indian gooseberry) extract: contains very high amounts of vitamin c, or ascorbic acid, a powerful antioxidant known to reduce wrinkles, suppress pigmentation, and help skin retain its natural moisture.

ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c): a soluble derivative of vitamin c, which is non irritating and more stable than pure vitamin c, which means it is well suited for extra sensitive skin.

arctostaphylos uva-ursi (bearberry) leaf extract: bearberry extract has antioxidant properties, and is known to have skin-bryghtening properties.

glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) extract: antioxidant, skin-conditioning agent – humectant, licorice is a soothing and healing extract used to treat sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. it also helps to reduce the appearance of age spots and discoloration as a natural skin lyghtener.

morus alba (mulberry) extract: has antioxidant properties, but its main benefit for skin has to do with calming signs of irritation along with its potential to fade the look of discolorations and uneven skin tone.

citrus medica limonum (lemon) extract: high levels of natural antioxidants, particularly vitamin c. research has shown the association between application of vitamin c and the protection of skin from potential uv damage, as well as its ability to help lyghten discoloration.

all bryght products are formulated and designed to be gentle and mild enough for use on sensitive skin and areas. if your client has any known sensitivities to our key ingredients, we strongly recommend doing a small patch test before application.

completely natural and safe! however, it is not recommended for use while pregnant due to heightened hormones as this is when pigmentation can be caused. for best results use after pregnancy and breastfeeding.it is best and safest to wait for all hormonal changes to return to  normal before beginning treatment. 

proudly made in the usa in fda approved labs since 2020. they contain only high-quality, all-natural ingredients for safe and effective results.

yes 100% vegan friendly as our ingredients are plant-derived.

for the professional line  step 1cleanse, step 2 exfoliate, and  step 4 set are 100% natural and step 3 bryghten “the bleach” is 98.95% natural

for two step at home bryghten up system step 1 is 100% natural and step 2 is 98.95% natural

bryght was clinically tested for 6 months, where constant improvements were made to ensure esthetician ease-of-use and client satisfaction remained our top priority. results with the average client seeing 1-3 shades lyghter after only 1 professional treatment!

pregnancy and breastfeeding – only since the results will not  last while the hormones are heightened and cause more hyperpigmentation. for best results, use after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

using bryght in conjunction with hydroquinone, kojic acid or any other harsh chemical that have the ability to strip or over-lighten the skin.

do not use on the underarms with deodorants containing: essential oils, baking soda, or aluminium

do not use on open wounds or inflamed skin.  

* we cannot vouch for results using devices other than the let there be lyght led wand with application, or use of the products without our professional training *

our msrp is double that which you have purchased product at wholesale price. all bryght retail products must be sold to clients and consumers at a minimum price-point of double which you have purchased the product at wholesale price. example: if you purchase at $5, you must resell at a minimum price of $10.

this ensures each bryght partner (that’s you!) is protected and brand integrity is guaranteed.

failure to comply with our msrp terms and conditions will result in, but is not limited to: the revoking of your bryght wholesale account, being banned from purchasing any bryght products, removal of your spa/salon listed on our site, and possible legal action. terms and conditions apply.

the wand model # for warranty isdc5vbryghtplease follow instructions in your let there be lyght wand manual to register for your warranty

red light can increase circulation, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and sun damage, open the pores to increase product penetration and is suitable for  all skin types. this is paired with step 2 during the exfoliation to prepare the area for step 3 and 4.  

green light can promote oxygen and microcirculation in the skin, dilutes hyper-pigmentation,  targets the melanocytes to brighten the skin, and calms the skin. this is paired with the main event, step  3.  

blue light can regulate the skin temperature to cool the skin and shrink pores. this is paired with  step 4. 

one on one training (certifiable) is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee your training will be booked within a certain timeline of when you purchased. 

after your order is marked as fulfilled, you will get an automatic email with information to book your training. in order to get this automatic email, you must sign up for marketing before you purchase your training. sign up here: https://promotions.lpage.co/campaigns/2789115


otherwise, it will take us a few business days to manually notify you via email.

cancelation policy: 30 days notice to reschedule your training sessions required. training purchases are non-refundable.

we do not carry sample sizes of the intimate bryghtening products at this time. the products are all natural and while some clients see results instantly, it usually requires a time commitment for most people, between 3-5+ professional sessions. if the price is steering you away, we have payment plans set up through sezzle, which you can select at checkout. 

the duo kit is equally as “strong” as the professional but is is 2 steps instead of 4, and there is no led light component, so results take longer. we don’t recommend using the duo kit on its own as the sole source of bryghtening, it was designed to be used for in between professional sessions. 

yes, it is recommended to complete the treatment with spf.

if you ordered any digital download item, you will get an automatic email with a link to download your file once we mark your order as fulfilled. our shipping team goes through orders in the order we receive them, so this may take a couple days. 

We cannot recommend any one insurance company as this varies by region and we sell globally. However, these are some recommendations:– List the product as Brightening, as thats what its doing. Bryght does not actually “bleach” or lighten the skin. It’s tyrosinase inhibitors. Similar to brightening facials.– Look for another spa in your area that stocks Bryght, and ask them who they use.– How do you list your post-hair removal lotions? Bryght is virtually the same as apply a lotion or oil after a wax or sugaring treatment.

Since Bryght’s products are All Natural, it is normal for slight color and consistency variations from batch to batch. However, all of our products are made in FDA-approved cosmetic labs, and each batch has to undergo strict testing and quarantine to be approved before it gets sent out to us. Rest assured, although a bit different, the product you receive is safe to use if the concern is only slight color or consistency variation. Do not use any products if the seal is unbroken or tampered with.

With sensitive prone clients, it is normal for them to experience some slight erythema on the skin, especially when first using the product. The Prep Cleanser contains 3 acids: Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic!(All acids less than 1% in the formulas)  These three together will cause increased circulation to the surface of the skin, but they are all naturally derived ingredients so there’s nothing scary in the products! Keep in mind they should be using no other actives at the same time, fragranced products, and using SPF if the area is exposed to sunlight.Also, the skin will eventually adapt to the product as with any new skin care product, but if the client continues to experience the same symptoms after a couple weeks of use – for example, application once a day or even once every other day – then they are most likely allergic to an ingredient. This is why a consultation and consent form are so important. We recommend using something to cool the skin in the future, and absolutely recommend they use a good moisturizer! If you haven’t checked out our Oncology Esthetics productsStrength and Courage, we highly recommend you do. These can be great at home products for your clients to use in conjunction with the Duo Kit!