Anal Bleaching

According to a top London clinic, there are women who have anal bleaching because they feel pressure to look like porn stars in the bedroom. According to the London clinic, more people than ever are resorting to anal bleaching to feel safer in their sex lives. Sources: 10, 14

Many high-end spas offer special peels to brighten the area, and many of them offer anal bleaching treatments for both men and women. Spas offer a variety of treatments, including facial bleaching and laser treatments. Sources: 7, 12

DY anal whitening procedures can be complicated in many ways by hair, dirt and (ahem) other things. If you also have to decide, you can have your anal bleaching treatment for men and women performed at different times of day. Sources: 1

Anal bleaching is done by applying a cream to the skin around the anus, vulva, armpit and areola to reduce naturally deep pigmentation. Before you start, please read more about the different types of products that brighten your genital area before you bleach it. 

Many anal bleaches are available on the market, but make sure you use products from reputable brands. You can go online, go to a store and look for anal bleach creams, or you can order online directly from a spa. Sources: 6, 9, 11

It is not yet so common for beauty salons and beauty spas to offer anal bleaching and anal whitening. The good news is that you can have a DIY anal bleaching treatment at home using Bryght products, or even find it offered at some plastic surgery centers. Plastic surgery centers, salons, and spas are recommended so you can find someone who is trained in anal bleaching. 

Anal bleaching is safe as long as a reputable cream is used, and a competent provider will how to take care of you and treat reactions. Sources: 5

Anal bleaching can be done by untrained professionals in dirty "back alley" spas, so be careful! Lasers and cryogenic anal bleaching can also lead to side effects such as hypopigmentation after the procedure. A combination of laser-bleached anal techniques and cryogenics can lead to skin irritation .Sources: 2, 4, 10

Although the whitening process of anal bleaching is effective, the changes will be temporary when using a natural product like Bryght, and the skin around the anus will darken again. Anal bleaching is a unique event, as melanin production resumes once the tyrosinase enzyme is regenerated. When the pigment-producing cells return, melanin's build up in the skin over time. A process that is temporarily reversed by skin bleaching. This is why we recommend using the Duo Kit to maintain your results longevity. 


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