How can you prevent ingrown hairs?

Once I crossed over from shaving to waxing, I have been fascinated with how beneficial it is and most importantly- the results. My hair growth takes significantly longer compared to every other day with shaving; my skin is smoother compared to feeling immediate stubble, and ingrown hairs are no longer a hassle!

How can you prevent ingrown hairs?

While working at WAX Hair Removal Bar, I did not realize how common it is for people to face annoying ingrown hairs, but it is a great feeling to see the relief wash over them as I tell them how they can prevent it. One essential way of preventing ingrown hairs is by exfoliating the shaved/waxed area at least three times a week. It is important to exfoliate every other day instead of every day because excessive exfoliation can cause dryness. An exfoliating glove is highly recommended with any body wash that is not heavily fragranced and consists of antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil- a product you can find in our salons! Another form of exfoliation that can relieve ingrown hairs is a gentle product with salicylic acid such as our Bryght Prep Cleanser. The salicylic acid ingredient is an organic compound that derives from the bark of a willow tree and helps the shedding process of dead skin when applied to the skin. Salicylic acid also helps with inflammation and any occurrence of redness on the skin which helps prevent any formation of acne or ingrown hairs. An exfoliation glove is not needed with the use of the Prep Cleanser due to the exfoliation ingredients in the product but can still be used. You can follow up with the Bryght Treat Gel after the prep cleanser as a sealant for moisture and lightening. You can find both the Prep Cleanser and Treat Gel as a duo in Bryght’s Duo Kit online at, our salon, or any salon holding the Bryght line! Another product at WAX that targets ingrown hairs is the Bump Erasier which is a concentrated serum that can be applied externally anywhere on the body. The exfoliating ingredient in the Bump Erasier is citric acid which removes the upper layer of dead skin and cleanses the pores. This product can be used after showering. Aside from exfoliation is an essential step, moisturizing after exfoliation is just as important! The best product to moisturize with is any lightweight product of oil or lotion that has little to no fragrance and has antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil. This combo helps your hairs grow back finer and keeps your skin smooth. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect duo?

There are many ways to prevent ingrown hairs, but these are the simplest ways. I hope these methods work for you and you can finally say goodbye to ingrown hairs for good!

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