How does skin lightening work?

Throughout my years of working, I would have never imagined working for a place that offers a service known as “anal bleaching”- let alone, get excited when people ask in bewilderment, “What is anal bleaching?” As I explain to new clients that anal bleaching- along with other skin lightening services consist of natural and vegan ingredients, they become interested. It is easy to assume when hearing the term “bleaching”, that one would be literally bleached but that is not the case with us. Aside from the beneficial ingredients, our skin lightening services encourage our clients to book with us frequently due to the non-harmful ingredients and their motivation to see their desired results sooner.

How does the skin lightening services work?

The professional process of our skin lightening services consists of four steps with the use of Bryght products. The natural and vegan ingredients contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) which are both skin exfoliants; vitamin C and vitamin E which are both antioxidants that help prevent the damaging processes in your cells; cucumber, chamomile, and calendula extract which helps calm and soothe the skin; argan oil and aloevera gel for hydration, and salicylic acid for exfoliation as part of step two in the lightening process.

The four steps in the Bryght skin lightening process are the cleanser which involves cleaning the desired area; exfoliation which involves removing the dead skin from the desired area; the bryght component which sets the foundation for the lightening, and the final step is the setting foundation which is the sealant for all steps together. Throughout this process, an LED light wand is used to perform light therapy and assist with product penetration.

After the professional lightening service, we recommend our clients to take home our DuoKit. The DuoKit includes a prep cleanser and a treat gel that helps maintain the lightening done from the professional treatment. Who knew a professional service would make life easier by taking it home to keep up with maintenance? I will let you in on a secret- you can use it ANYWHERE on your body and include it in your daily skincare routine!

To help ease your mind, I did the underarm skin lightening service and it was a great experience. The service itself does not hurt at all- it felt like a massage! The service only took 15 minutes and I did see a difference right after. I cannot promise that you will see an immediate difference because everyone’s skin takes the product differently, but you will see a difference with regular maintenance. What I can promise is that we take pride in making you feel comfortable! I understand why these skin lightening services- especially “anal bleaching” can be an awkward subject to talk about but ultimately, this is a new skincare service. Be the first amongst your friends and family to bring light to this subject and ease the tension. If you know people who have questions then send them to us so we can answer them. We got your back too (pun not intended!). This is only the start for all skin lightening services!

Are you intrigued? Let me tell you how to book with us.

Just like our waxing services you can book online, on the Wax Hair Removal Bar app, or give us a call! Our skin lightening services are offered in both salons located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Vancouver, British Columbia. Not in your area? Don’t worry check out other salons that carry the products and perform the services here. We look forward to seeing you!

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