Let’s talk about skin lightening…

If the first thing that comes to your mind after reading that title is Michael Jackson in the 90’s (although he had Vitiligo) you’re probably not alone.

I want to talk about it more frankly. For as long as there have been mirrors and other people (I’m looking at you, Nana…) to point out our “imperfections”, the color or “discolor” of one’s skin pigment has been a topic of conversation and judgement.

It’s not a coincidence that Queen Elizabeth the First, and most of Western society during that time, used lead paint to transform their natural pigment to a ghostly, pale white. Thankfully, modern society has evolved passed poison and there are now safe, natural skin lighteners on the market.

However, people who choose to lighten their skin for whatever reason are still stigmatized. The real nitty gritty is this -  no matter what YOUR reason may be for choosing skin lightening, the rest of the world needs to butt out. Yes, you should always love the skin you’re in but if loving yourself means lightening up a bit then who are we as a society to judge? As you may or may not know by now, I reside very firmly in the “whatever floats your boat” camp so if your boat is lighter than mine, GODSPEED!

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