Lightening Self Harm Scars

It’s not just brightening the skin, it’s way more than that.
Hi, my name is Angelique and I've been an esthetician in New Jersey for three years. I offer multiple services including waxing, facials, lashes and intimate treatments and recently decided to expand into skin brightening. 
Many clients have asked about skin lightening (bleaching) and the closest location offering these services is an hour away from our area. After a lot of research, I was intrigued by a brand called Bryght. Not only are their products all natural, they are vegan, non-gmo, cruelty free, made in the USA and the company is woman owned.

I wanted a product I could be proud of and feel confident using on my clients and this seemed like the right fit. I took the first step by ordering my professional kit and began promoting the services immediately. I had multiple clients reach out wanting to schedule their service before the products even arrived.

With Bryght being all natural, I love that I can use it on any part of the body without hesitation. I have completed services on multiple clients for anal bleaching, inner thigh lightening, bikini lightening and scar treatments. My oldest daughter (17 years old) asked, "Hey Mom, Can you lighten some scars for me?" I of course said yes because I knew of a few scars she had from her hair straightener & curling wand when styling her hair. As we were treating the different areas, I came across a particular scar on her upper right thigh that was very deep. It was actually two scars (one right under the other). I immediately ask her "what happened?! What is this?!"

She hesitated with a look of sadness on her face. Before going any further, I must share that my daughter was diagnosed with unipolar and depression. I did everything in my power to get her the help that she needed when I became aware of this two to three years ago. We tried therapy, medication and I tried to be her support as much as possible without being overbearing. After hesitating, my daughter confessed she was cutting herself with a blade.

For the most part, we have good communication so when I saw the scars and she explained how she got them, I did not know how to react. I was hurt, upset, angry. I almost felt like a failure thinking, "What did I miss?" I am not going to lie, it took a lot for me to continue the process of lightning her scars. I was nervous and completely thrown off. But while doing the 4 step process on these scars, I realized the Bryght skin lightening products were a blessing in disguise. Bryght is not only a skin lightening system, it's a way to help those who are currently struggling or have struggled with mental health. It was eye opening for me to realize I can help them feel more comfortable in their skin and make their battle scars from when they were in a dark place a little more beautiful. There are so many people who are embarrassed or ashamed of the demons they had to fight in order to survive and if I can be the person to help them feel better, I'm all for it. Seeing my daughter's face light up when the process was done warmed my heart.

For me, Bryght is more than just skin lightening. It's a purpose, a blessing and I will forever stand behind the brand where I see significant results after the first treatment and know that I am making a difference. 

Listen to our podcast episode on our podcast Between Both Cheeks, with Angelique all about mental health. 

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