Pain free hair removal

Yes, we know it is not the most pleasant self-care appointment on everyone’s schedule, but we could all agree it is essential (no matter what COVID says)– hair removal.

To our professional hair rippers out there, we all know you have the clients that scream, some that will give you a good knee to your gut, curse like a sailor and the ones that need immediate relief after ripping those hairs out of their lady or man bits.

No.1 (Cleanse) and No.4 (Set) of our Bryght professional treatment line are the real MVPs when you are looking to help reduce that annoying sting from hair removal and looking to add relief for post removal. This wonderful duo will set your services apart from your competitors down the street and will have your clients adding them to their appointments before you even try to upsell them. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Cleanse will remove traces of dirt, oil or lotions that are found on the skin but most importantly will numb and prepare the skin by reducing that sting of hair removal by up to 80% in only 20 seconds! Now who would NOT want to pay extra for this?

Set is the ultimate post treatment for your clients. It provides a soothing protection as well as hydrates and cools the skin. This will calm any redness, inflammation or irritation after any hair removal treatment. This add-on makes it all worthwhile!

No matter what type of hair removal you are offering whether it be sugaring, waxing or even laser you can safely and effectively add these steps into your services.

Add these steps to your waxing services by charging an additional $5-$25 and watch your profits soar while keeping your customers happy and pain free.

There you have it, it’s no secret. Happy hair ripping Bryght babes!

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