Saving small business salons- At Home Waxing Strips

We care about small businesses, and we see what is happening in the market today; small businesses are being mandated to close while big box stores stay open. It's a trying time.

We noticed a need to pivot professional salon hair removal; whether that is waxing, sugaring, or laser, there needed to be a product that clients could take home for personal hair removal, that was a professional grade. User friendly and affordable without a sacrifice on quality and integrity.

Not only are these home waxing strips easy to use but they are made by industry professionals with over a decade of skincare experience.

The quickest and easiest way to remove hair right at home. Bryght Waxing Strips are the perfect item for busy people.

Easy to use for beginners, for touch ups, traveling and for anyone that wants silky smooth skin. This is where you need to ditch that razor, honey! Whether you want to wax your bikini line, under arms, upper lip, legs or arms we have you covered with perfectly sized ready to use waxing strips. 

Bryght Waxing Strips were created for small business. If you are a beauty business that has been shut down, this is the perfect opportunity to contact your clients and offer them an at-home experience with salon quality. Are you feeling that clients are financially strapped due to COVID and aren't coming in for their regular waxing services? Or maybe they are living with a compromised immune system and too afraid to come in right now? 

Let's keep small business alive and let's challenge ourselves to think outside the box. You can purchase your Bryght Waxing Strips here. If you are a professional salon and are interested in wholesale simply create an account here and contact us to purchase.

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