The Importance of Sunscreen

We thought that Sunscreen Day, which is May 27th this year, would be a great time to discuss the importance of sunscreen and its functions. We will explore why sunscreen is your essential skincare product, no matter the weather, and compare chemical and mineral sunscreens. We'll also discuss how sunscreens can help manage hyperpigmentation. Prepare to enjoy the sun responsibly!

  1. Sunscreen should be your BFF Sunscreen is not just an option, it's essential. The sun's UV rays are harmful to the skin and can damage it over time. Sunscreen protects your skin against harmful UV radiation that can cause premature aging, skin cancer, sunburns and more. You're investing into the health and beauty your skin for years to come by wearing sunscreen every day.

  2. Cloudy skies don't mean safe skies: Do not be fooled! Even on cloudy days, UV rays are able to penetrate the clouds and cause skin damage. Wearing sunscreen every day, no matter the weather, should be a part of your routine. Apply sunscreen to your skin as the final step of your skincare routine, rain or shine. This will ensure that you are protected from harmful UV rays.

  3. Chemical vs. Mineral Sunscreens - Unraveling The Mystery Not All Sunscreens Are Created Equal Chemical sunscreens absorb UV radiation, converting it to heat. Mineral or physical sunscreens create an invisible barrier that scatters and reflects UV rays. Chemical sunscreens are usually made up of avobenzone or oxybenzone. Mineral sunscreens have titanium dioxide or zincoxide.

It is often a matter of personal choice. Chemical sunscreens are lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. They are suitable for daily use. Mineral sunscreens, on the other hand are gentler and offer immediate protection.

  1. Sunscreen and Hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation or darkening of specific areas of skin can be a problem for many people. Sunscreen can be a key tool in managing and preventing Hyperpigmentation, whether it is caused by hormonal changes or acne scarring. UV rays may exacerbate dark spots, and cause melanin production. This can lead to further discoloration. Applying sunscreen regularly creates a protective barrier to protect your skin against UV-induced damage. This reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation, and promotes a more even tone.

Sunscreen is the secret weapon against sun damage and premature ageing. No matter your skin type or age, sunscreen is a must-have in your daily skincare regimen. Sunscreen Day is May 27th. To celebrate, choose a broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it liberally. Reapply throughout the day.

Bryght believes in empowering your skin to shine and nurturing its natural radiance. Let your skin enjoy the sun while protecting it with sunscreen. Let's have healthy, glowing skin everyday!

Remember, stay Bryght, stay protected!

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