What does LED Light therapy for skincare do?

LED light therapy is a treatment that is non-invasive to the skin. LED is a light emitting diode which is a light source with a current flow and emits light that is efficient with a small amount of wasted electricity. This treatment is used by estheticians and dermatologists as a way to treat various skin conditions. 

What can LED light therapy be used for?

LED light therapy started as a study by NASA in the 1990’s to observe and promote wound healing in astronauts which helped with the growth of cells and tissue. Currently, this therapy treatment can benefit a range of skin issues such as eczema, hair loss, acne, psoriasis, precancerous spots, rosacea, sun damage, wounds, and wrinkles.

What are the benefits of the different LED colors?

There are different colored lights that are produced within the light therapy such as red, blue, green, and yellow. The red light benefits the skin by reducing inflammation and regulates collagen production. The blue light helps exfoliate bacteria that causes acne. The green light helps lighten hyperpigmentation and contains anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin’s surface. The yellow light has the benefits of stimulating red blood cell production which plays a significant role in skin cell healing and rejuvenation.

How do we use LED light therapy?

Bryght incorporates the use of LED light therapy throughout various skin lightening sessions as a way to target hyperpigmentation. The four step lightening process is performed with an LED light wand that is simple and efficient to use. The LED light wand and four step lightening kit is available for licensed professionals to use on their clientele. You can purchase your four step lightening kit and LED light wand as a bundle on www.bryghtenup.com. It’s easier than 1, 2, 3, and 4!



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