What type of skin lightening is offered in salons?

Amongst the many skin lightening product lines, Bryght is the line to follow. Bryght uses natural and vegan ingredients which is the best aspect of the product itself, but Bryght is also open about the discussion of skin lightening especially intimate body areas.

What type of lightening can you offer?

Your salon can offer lightening services for any body part you desire to lighten. The lightening services we offer at WAX Hair Removal Bar for your body includes your face, hands, elbows, knees, ankles, underarms, the back of your neck, inner thighs, and chest. We also offer services for your intimate areas such as your derriere and anal, nipples, and bikini line (with the option of your labia, too!). Aside from focusing on desired body parts as a service, we also help lighten any requested areas of scarring or hyperpigmentation that you may have.

What is the most popular lightening service?

The most popular lightening service we offer is “Anal Bleaching” and “Bikini Line Lightening”. These are the areas that are not as exposed compared to other external body parts, but these areas do accumulate bacteria and can chafe against each other which causes discoloration. Discoloration is not only caused by bacteria and chafing but also from genetics, illness, injury, and an individual’s overproduction of melanin. Our other skin lightening services will become popular as more people will discover our variety in services and will realize our services target different body parts people may need lightened.

What type of people get our lightening services?

The type of people that get our skin lightening services are all types! All genders and ages above 18 come into the salon for professional skin lightening treatments with interest and leave with satisfaction. Many clients book their future appointments after their first session to keep up with maintenance. Clients can also maintain their lightening routine with Bryght’s Duo Kit, which is a product that is used at home at most twice a day. So no this is not a service or product for porn stars, we have everyone from doctors, lawyers, teachers, stay at home moms and more.  Literally all walks of life.  Don't be shy give us a call and book in today!

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