Bryght vajacials

For starters, it might not be on the salon menu as a vajacial, so keep digging or contact your local salon and ask. 

What is a vajacial?

The treatment, which is the words ‘vagina’ and ‘facial’ combined, is actually more like a facial for your vulva and mons pubis, your vagina is inside you, and the vajacial is for outside skin area.

Vajacial benefits?

The vajacial is  a treatment meant to help rid of ingrown hairs along the bikini line and vulva as well as soothe irritated skin. The benefit of adding bryght to your vajacials is that you can now offer bikini and labia skin lightening for intimate hyperpigmentation. 

What to look for before you book?

Make sure the spa  is licensed by the local Department of Public Health or another professional licensing board.  Finding out what products they are using.  You should not allow any harsh chemicals in your no no zone such as; mercury, hydroquinone, kojic acid, steroids.  You should always looks for clean g such as the ones listed with bryght.  If the salon cannot tell you what the ingredients are run for the hills!  If the salon is using steam in the vajacial treatment make sure its is mild to avoid burns and the possibility of increasing hyperpigmentation.  Remember heat causes hyperpigmentation!

What to expect in a vajacial?

You will be instructed to strip from the waist down, not a time to be shy!

The esthetician will cleanse and exfoliate the area.

They will use lancets to pick out any ingrown hairs and blemishes. If you have allot of ingrown hairs and pimples they may use a high-frequency or LED light which kill the bacteria inside.

Then, they will apply products that contain lactic acid  to exfoliate further and kill any bacteria from the ingrown hairs and pimples. They will use a moisturizing mask over the product containing lactic acid to soothe the skin. All the steps will cover the front of the vulva, again not a time to be shy!

Can Bryght be used in a vajacial?

Since bryght is a system meant to be used together we suggest that you don't mix it with other products or brands.  However with the bryght 4 steps and the LED Let there be lyght wand you can fully make your bryght treatment a vajacial.

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