Green Skincare: Bryght, the Eco-Minded, Vegan, Plant-Based Small Business

Happy Earth Day, Bryght babes!

Did you need another reason to love us even more?

As a skincare company that is all about using natural ingredients, being carbon neutral, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA, we can't help but feel extra excited about celebrating our amazing planet today.

By using only natural, plant-based ingredients in our products, we are reducing our reliance on harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. Plus, because we're vegan, we're not contributing to the water and food waste associated with animal agriculture. 

And let's not forget about our commitment to being made in the USA. By keeping our manufacturing close to home, we're reducing emissions associated with shipping products overseas. Plus, we get to support local communities and ensure fair labor practices.

Our commitment to the environment doesn't stop there. We support carbon neutral shipping and deliveries; so every order you place with us is helping the Earth become more and more carbon neutral. Our bottles are made with recyclable materials, so you can feel good about your purchase even after you've finished your product. And those packing peanuts you may have noticed in your shipment? They're made out of cornstarch, which means they're biodegradable and dissolve in water. No more feeling guilty about throwing out packaging!

At Bryght, we believe that taking care of the environment is an ongoing journey. As we continue to grow, we're committed to finding even more ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. Stay tuned for more green initiatives and eco-friendly products from Bryght. Together, we can make a difference and keep our planet healthy for generations to come. Happy Earth Day!


Learn more about our climate commitment here:

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