Happy New Year Remember To Feel it on the first

Continuing to use my real life images and voice to remind women and men alike to feel it on the first!! Because this is what radiation does to your body!

As we start the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please realize that radiation burns are the only thing pink about breast cancer! Also realize that this month can be extremely hard for those of us who have or had breast cancer. The pink ribbons and merchandise are everywhere and it’s a constant reminder of all the things and people that are the real face of breast cancer. So be kind because not all of us celebrate this month.

I had my double mastectomy right before the start of this month in 2019. I had 10 hours of reconstructive surgery during this month last year. This year I will start a new cancer preventing drug during this month. These are the things I will always think of and remember every October when Breast Cancer Awareness month rolls around. Early dedication is really our best weapon at the moment. It will NOT stop you from getting cancer, but it may extend your life.

Cancer inside your breasts alone won’t kill you, but left untreated it will spread outside the breasts to vital organs. Mine made it as far as the lymph nodes under my right arm. Hoping all the treatments I endured stopped it here and it never goes any further. Even at its earliest stages there is still a 30% chance of reoccurrence.

Of course more than awareness what we need is a cure, but I am no longer naive. After learning how complicated and unique cancer is to each person I doubt I will see a cure in my lifetime. It’s nothing the government or doctors are hiding from us to make money off of cancer. If you knew everything I know now, you would see it too! So we have to continue to fight for research and funding in order to keep learning and understanding this very unique disease! Now go feel it on the first!

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