Meet Luba Sasowski, CEO

Growing up in a small town with immigrant parents, I learned that hard work, persistence, and following your dreams are vital keys to success. Even at a young age, I was fascinated with the beauty industry, and in my late teens, I moved from my small town to the big city with a goal to become involved with esthetics... in any way possible. Over time, my hard work and dedication received attention and I quickly moved up the corporate ladder, and eventually become the national director of beauty for a nationwide chain!

Working in the corporate world was both challenging and rewarding, however being a woman in my early twenties in a male-dominated industry was a hurdle difficult to overcome. I was told my ideas “wouldn’t work”, they were “too out of the box”, or I was “too young and pushing the envelope”. My input and creativity were stifled, but, I kept my head high and never wavered in who I was and what I believed. I felt what I had to offer would move us forward but the company was not open to change. After lots of reflection and the desire to stay true to myself, I left the corporate world eager to start my own business journey.

I began to realize my dreams when I opened WAX Hair Removal Bar. I opened in both Canada and the United States. Moving forward with confidence, my goal was clear- I wanted to create state-of-the-art centes that used clinically researched products under the care of personable, and highly-skilled estheticians. It was important to me to create an atmosphere that was a professional, supportive, enjoyable, and a safe place for women to work. I wanted centers that embraced my ideas and I wanted to hire women who shared my love for beauty and all things skin!

I am so proud to say that my dreams and goals reached fruition, and for over a decade my salons have helped men and women with all of their skincare needs and personal maintenance. I believe in continual learning and education and, as a result, my salons are the innovators of professional skin lightening and anal bleaching. We have been performing these services on thousands of clients internationally and training other salons for over a decade, and are continuing to be leaders in this industry.

For over 10 years I listened, watched, and noted our clients and estheticians’ comments. I became aware of the need for an all-natural, vegan-friendly, and marketable intimate brightening product. I am honored and thrilled to introduce you to Bryght™️, a natural & vegan skin lightening and brightening line that you can use everywhere. Even down there 😉

Bryght is fast-acting skincare that evens skin tone and reduces dark spots to enhance the radiance of your skin. All ingredients are listed for full transparency, because we know you care about what goes on your body. Bryght has been a team effort; a team of strong, supportive women. Together, it is our mission to support all of your beauty and wellness needs.

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