New Updates For Pro Estheticians

We have a lot of fun things happening over here, we're working hard to grow as a company to better support you. We wanted to share some updates with you.

What you can expect from us going forward:

  • Starting in June 2023, we will offer FREE weekly webinars! Check them out here (the links will update with more dates after the 2nd week of June.... ugh, technology!)
  • Revamping ALL training materials for you. We have just updated the Lyght wand manual, as well as the Consultation form, and we plan to update every document to be more up-to-date
  • We have ANOTHER new product launching in the next 2 months 😯
  • We have a photoshoot scheduled to update our marketing materials to be more inclusive of; gender, fitzpatrick levels, and body areas. Once complete, we will update our Professional Resources so you can use these images
  • We have hired more estheticians to join our team
  • We are expanding our distribution network to serve our international customers better (Stay tuned...)
  • And as always, we will be touring the USA trade shows so we can meet you in person!

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At Bryght, we value collaboration not competition, so we wanted to say thank you; all of these amazing things are happening because we listen to your feedback. We hope you're as excited as we are. This is only the beginning. 


The Future is Bryght

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