Oncology in the Spa Menu

Not all spa or salon menus are created equal, and to add in services for the client living with cancer can create an additional challenge. Your services need to be enticing to clients without a cancer diagnosis, plus to those with a cancer diagnosis.

For those of you starting out, or needing to update and change up your spa menu, the focus of a spa menu is to list the services you offer. Ideally, you focus on the services you are passionate about and are good at. The menu contains the titles of your services, along with a short, compelling description of each service and its price.

Understanding The Language

People diagnosed with cancer and people around them are familiar with the term oncology; however, the rest of your clients may be more familiar with the term cancer. If you client base is primarily healthcare professionals and people who would know the medical term, then stick with the word oncology. If your client base is non-healthcare professi­onals, the term cancer in your descriptions would be understood. So, assess who you clients are, or will be.

Your spa menu should present your services in the most attractive way possible. When you start to offer services to cancer survivors, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

1. Does the cancer survivor want to be handled the same way as a regular/​healthy client and not be singled out for a different spa menu or services because of their diagnosis?

2. Would the cancer survivor be thrilled to know there are services especially modified for them based on their side effects from the disease and/or treatment?

3. Have you considered a focus on caregivers? They may need your spa services just as much as survivors. Caregivers are often forgotten, and they can be the key person in bringing survivors to your business.

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