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  • 4 Years Since TNBC Diagnosis

    Today marks the 4-year anniversary of the dreaded phone call that delivered my biopsy results with cancerous cells. 
  • Skin Brightening Treatment: Unveil Your Glow with Bryght

    Because you deserve to shine, inside and out. This isn’t just a treatment; it’s your new ritual for unveiling a luminous, even-toned complexion that radiates health and happiness. With our Skin Brightening Treatment, we’re not just upping the standards; we’re elevating your glow game to levels unheard of. Let’s walk through the meticulously crafted four-step process that sets the Bryght Skin Brightening Treatment apart from anything you’ve experienced before.

  • Self Exams

    Talking about it and being able to identify symptoms quickly is key- and sharing tips on how to self-examine could save a friend, a colleague, and the girl we met in the nightclub bathroom. Cancer doesn’t discriminate against people with old boobs, young boobs, boob jobs, with children, without children, who breastfed, who didn't, but the signs and symptoms can certainly be recognized, caught early, and treated all the same.
  • Our Earth Month Initiative

    We see sustainability as an act of compassion. We keep sustainability in mind with everything we do, including ingredients, packaging, and how we show up in the world as a brand.

    That’s why we’re having a “Quality Control” Sale to kick off Earth Month.

    Embrace the mistakes, reduce the waste.

  • Dallas Spa Show ICES

    Woman founded. Women led. Founder and CEO Luba Sasowski, and the women at Bryght® have empowered estheticians around the world to provide for their...
  • St Patricks Day Skincare

    I've got something truly exciting to share with you: the Hype LED Lyght! It's not just your average skincare gadget; it's a game-changer that's ab...
  • Women's History Month

    Don’t let patience be a forgotten virtue. Your aspirations and goals come with time. Pay your dues, eat up all the knowledge, and find ways to collaborate and support other businesses! What you put out in the world is what you get back. Remember that it’s not a loss if there’s a lesson to be learned.
  • Bryght Is So Much More Than Anal Bleach

    If you’ve been to a spa show in the last few years, you’ve probably heard whispers (or chants) about Anal Bleaching by Bryght. Well, we’re so much more than just Anal Bleach!

  • Medical Induced Menopause

    On World Menopause Day, I'm sharing my unexpected journey. Chemotherapy pushed me into menopause at 40. Menopause isn't just about age; medical tr...
  • Barbie had Breast Cancer

    Amidst her extraordinary success, Ruth Handler faced a life-altering challenge when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her diagnosis was a devastating blow, but Ruth approached her battle with the same tenacity and creativity that had driven her career.
  • Feliz año nuevo recuerda sentirlo el primero

    ¡Continúo usando mis imágenes y mi voz de la vida real para recordarles a mujeres y hombres por igual que lo sientan desde el principio! ¡Porque...
  • sin resoluciones

    Le pregunté a mi amiga Jen Rozenbaum si podía publicar su reciente publicación de Instagram en mi blog de bryght ass, ya que me conecté mucho co...