Medical Induced Menopause

On World Menopause Day, I'm sharing my unexpected journey. Chemotherapy pushed me into menopause at 40. Menopause isn't just about age; medical treatments like chemo can take you there too. 
Chemotherapy & Menopause: Life-saving but comes with changes, no matter your age. It's been a rollercoaster of physical and emotional adjustments. 
Impact on Skin - My Struggle: As I journeyed through chemotherapy-induced menopause, I also noticed significant changes in my skin: 
 1. **Dryness:** Reduced estrogen levels led to persistent dryness and flakiness. Staying hydrated and using moisturizers became a daily ritual. I went from an oily skin to a dry skin in a matter of weeks 
 2. **Thinning:** My skin became thinner and more fragile, making me more prone to bruising. 
 3. **Collagen Reduction:** The loss of collagen was evident in the form of sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. 
 4. **Hormonal Acne:** I encountered the challenge of hormonal acne due to the changes in my hormones. 
 Skincare Tips for Coping: For those who, like me, are going through chemotherapy-induced menopause, taking care of our skin is crucial. Here are some tips that have helped me on this personal journey:
 1. **Hydration:** I made it a priority to drink plenty of water to combat skin dryness.
 2. **New hydrating moisturizer:** I created Strength & Courage by @bryghtenup which rebuilt my collagen, repaired my dry itchy skin, and put moisture back in my skin in a healthy way. 
 3. **Sun Protection:** I've always been obsessed with sunscreen but I was tired of my eyes burning when I had to reapply - so I fixed the problem and created Bloc by @bryghtenup, a non-white cast sunscreen stick that can be reapplied right over your makeup without disrupting it.
 Menopause, whether natural or induced by treatment, is unique. Let's support each other on this journey. 

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