Anal bleaching from a gay mans perspective

Areas of skin with darker tone than one's overall appearance are common and completely normal. They are a result of hyper-pigmentation caused by friction, sweat, hormones, aging and genetics.
Skin lightening sometimes called anal bleaching is a popular method to lighten the skin between both cheeks, (yes I am referring to your ass crack sweetie) to better match the color of surrounding skin making it appear more uniform.
Skin lightening and anal bleaching is a procedure that can be done at home, or in a salon by a trained professional. There are cosmetic benefits and, if done improperly, there can be health risks such as over lightening also known as hypo-pigmentation and other devastating side effects. Although going to a trained professional will cost more than purchasing an at-home kit, you are much more likely to have the safest, easiest and most effective result. Ensure that your products used in the salon and at home do not contain; hydroquinone, mercury, lead or kojic acid.
An experienced esthetician can tell you about the products being used, give better before and after care, and they can see what they are doing - better application means a better result and, when done properly, skin lightening works on all skin tones. Results will fade overtime; treatments once or twice a year will be required to keep up appearances.
Being well-groomed is something that a lot of gay men 'click' with. If you care about grooming in general, beyond pampering yourself, skin lightening and anal bleaching can boost your body confidence and improve your sexual confidence, too; people who have this treatment often say they feel better about their appearance and are more confident with their partner.
Looking good and being tidy - everywhere - just makes sense. So why not make the most of it? Show your partner you care - bryghten your world and his too.

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