Causes of hyperpigmentation, and what you can do about it

Whether you have hyperpigmentation, acne, or scars, we truly believe your skincare can be a tool for feeling like your best self—because we’ve seen it work.

What you feel like has everything to do with your state of mind. The good skin days—the right products—not only give you an instant boost of confidence, they can actually make your whole day feel that much more effortless. All the "I woke up like this", none of the stress—that’s Bryght. Natural, vegan skincare that works beautifully, and is a targeted treatment for hyperpigmentation. A skincare routine that simplifies your life.

Each product is a highly versatile essential, formulated to inspire you and open up a world of confidence, self-care-wise and beyond. The ultimate goal— to help you look and feel your best.
The Duo Kit is designed to be applied 2x a day, both products. Once your skin tone has evened out to your liking, you can apply the products less or mix and match using the cleanser or gel more to your preference. If the area you are treating is exposed to sunlight, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use SPF! Otherwise, it is very likely for the hyperpigmentation to return.
In general, most people can see their results last for months. I wouldn't say it will last for the rest of your life though (I WISH!!)... We are not promising a miracle in a bottle, but we do promise to offer an empowering experience and culture (skincare science just isn't there yet, when we figure out a magic cream though we'll let you know!!!!)
There is a possibility that your hyperpigmentation won't return- hyperpigmentation can be caused by a lot of things, and sometimes it's temporary and sometimes it's an ongoing thing.
Here are some things you can do to prevent hyperpigmentation:
  • Keep the area COOL. Heat or friction can cause hyperpigmentation.. Bryght products have aloe in them to help with this. If it is an area that you shave, shaving = friction and can worsen hyperpigmentation.
  • Picking your skin/popping pimples can leave what's called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation" so try your best to not do that.
  • SPF SPF SPF SPF!!!!!!! The sun can darken any kind of pigment we have on our skin, so SPF should be your new best friend.
  • If it's an intimate area, switching to cotton underwear more often than the tight lacey kind may also help, friction = hyperpigmentation.
Sometimes hyperpigmentation can be caused by hormones too- this one is hard because unless you are on high-dose hormones (think transitioning drugs, thyroid meds, fertility drugs, chemo, etc), there isn't much we can control. If you are on birth control, usually those medications are fairly low doses, but If you believe hormones are the reason for your hyperpigmentation, consulting a doctor and checking your hormone levels may be helpful, especially if there is an underlying condition you aren't aware of.
Diabetes, PCOS, and hypertension can also cause hyperpigmentation, so a consult with your doctor may be in order if you suspect there is a health issue. Pregnancy or breastfeeding may also be a cause of hyperpigmentation, and this kind usualllllyyyy goes away after hormones have leveled out postpartum. If this is you, wait until breastfeeding is done before doubling down on Bryght as your hormones will still be fluctuating and it would be a waste to spend money on skincare when you may be at square one all over again.
If you don't suspect any of the above, sometimes hyperpigmentation is caused by simply age or your skin tone. For these reasons, hyperpigmentation would almost always return at some point- but Bryght can definitely help in preventing the return of it once you have treated what you currently have.

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