Difference between Bryght and a chemical peel?

Bryght and a chemical peel are two entirely different treatment plans, although they appear to achieve the same type of result.
A chemical peel is typically designed to peel off dead and active skin cells from the skin, causing a snake-skin shedding effect for a week or so, to reveal more youthful, brighter, even skin. We personally find chemical peels very invasive, however some clients can benefit.
Bryght is different from a traditional chemical peel because of two main reasons: 1) Bryght does not remove live skin cells, instead it is a very gentle enzyme exfoliation, with all 3 acids found in Bryght being below 1% concentration. And, 2) There is no downtime. No taking time off work because of snake-skin shedding!

Bryght and a chemical peel are also typically for two different types of clients. It depends on what's important to them, their lifestyle, and how much downtime/after care they can manage. Bryght is all natural, vegan, and with no downtime and only 1 aftercare instruction: Use the Duo Kit once a day.
A chemical peel is much stronger, may or may not be vegan or natural, and does require after care; no using other products, only plain moisturizers, lots of SPF, possibly staying indoors and potentially feeling the need to avoid going out, and no picking or peeling the shedding skin - some clients can't be trusted with this, haha!

We hope this helps clear up the main differences, and how you can perscribe each treatment differently to treat different concerns. Like everything else in esthetics, it will be different for each client. Which is why it's up to you as their esthetician to create amazing treatment plans using your knowledge!

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