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I have always been a rebel. I walk to the beat of my own drum. Perhaps it was growing up in a small town with immigrant parents who named me Luba- yes you can image the taunting started early and went well into high school. Or, maybe, it was because I did not wear the cowboy boots and hats fashion my small town was accustomed to. Whatever the reason, I never fit it, I didn't want to, and I strived to be different and unique.

My early 20's I became free of small-town-living and finally in the Big City- the world was my oyster! I landed an incredible corporate job in the beauty industry, I was thriving and having the time of my life both personally and professionally. 

I consistently pushed the envelope at work with the advertising, marketing  and story I was trying to tell the clients through our flyers and catalogs. The company I worked for had locations in several rural areas and the CEO's were convinced that those customers weren’t ready for my tongue in cheek ideas and sexy marketing images. I tried to convince them that I used to be that customer stuck in a small town reading Vogue every month dreaming of leaving, so there must be others who want the same. Just because you live in a rural area does not mean you don't desire that Louis Vuitton bag or those Jimmy Choo shoes. My mindset was, "give the people what they dream of, push the envelope, be the first to market and be memorable!" 

Unfortunately, my boss and I did not see eye-to-eye. I was told to, "stay inside the box, let the competition try that first." I was constantly being pulled into the office for these talks and finally I had it, I was not going to work for a company that didn't have passion and didn't want to stand out. So ,I decided to part ways.

Shortly after leaving I started WAX Hair Removal Bar. We offer male and female brazilian waxing, and anal bleaching. Talk about "out of the box"

We are the first to provide professional intimate skin lightening services. The first t-shirt I created as a uniform says "I used to work for assholes, now I just bleach them"

I packed up that t-shirt and put it in the post, to my former boss, with a card that wrote "How's this for staying inside the box?" 


And that is the story behind our crazy PPE masks, t-shirts, and marketing campaigns.

Stay true to who you are, love what you do and if you are unhappy in your workplace, then fix it.

Because it's true- I used to work for assholes, now I just bleach them.

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Chloe Acosta Bryght Mask

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